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Oct 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

7 Ways Yoga Makes You Sexy

I lie on my back, entirely surrendered, body melting into the floor.

Sep 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Woman Up at Work

Usually, I encourage women to express their sensuality and explore their desires, but at work, these behaviors can get you in trouble.

Apr 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Spring Clean Your Relationship

Forget the house; this spring, clean up your relationship.

Aug 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Relationship Advice from North Shore Couples

This month, the relationship advice experts are our readers—real people in real relationships who have learned from experience what counts in love.

Mar 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Sexy Stuff You Can Sometimes Skip

It’s important to make romance a priority, but that doesn’t mean date night has to be a full-blown production every time.

Jun 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Coupled or Uncoupled, Consciousness is Required

Let’s discuss Gwyneth Paltrow and her “conscious uncoupling” from husband Chris Martin.

Feb 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Is Monogamy Realistic? No, Says Dan Savage

Writer/activist Dan Savage and I have a lot in common.

Jun 2014  |  By Debbie Friend

Dealing With Divorce: How to Move On

The divorce is finally over. You’ve made peace with the past, taken the time to heal and are getting adjusted to your new lifestyle.

Jan 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

5 Ways Power Affects Sex and Marriage

Power and sex are two dynamics that are hard for couples to talk about, but both are huge factors in marital happiness.

Apr 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Down There

Talking about how to care for your female parts is a sensitive subject, and it’s difficult to figure out what language to use.

Dec 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

Have a Sexy Menopause

Menopause is rarely considered a sexy time of life. But, armed with advice from two top North Shore gynecologists, I’m here to change that.

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