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Apr 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Spring Clean Your Relationship

Forget the house; this spring, clean up your relationship.

Mar 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Sexy Stuff You Can Sometimes Skip

It’s important to make romance a priority, but that doesn’t mean date night has to be a full-blown production every time.

Nov 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

2013 Gift Guide: For Couples

Not just any gift is appropriate for your loved make sure you choose wisely!

Feb 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

Is Monogamy Realistic? No, Says Dan Savage

Writer/activist Dan Savage and I have a lot in common.

Sep 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

So Your Husband Watches Porn–Don’t Freak Out

Is your husband watching porn?

Jan 2014  |  By Marjie Killeen

5 Ways Power Affects Sex and Marriage

Power and sex are two dynamics that are hard for couples to talk about, but both are huge factors in marital happiness.

Aug 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

Beauty and the Bust: How Women Feel About Their Breasts

Ladies, let’s talk about the girls.

Dec 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

Have a Sexy Menopause

Menopause is rarely considered a sexy time of life. But, armed with advice from two top North Shore gynecologists, I’m here to change that.

Jul 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

How Sizzling Couples Keep Sex Hot

The Wilmette Theatre turned steamy in June when Sex & the Suburbs brought “Sizzling Couples” to the stage.

Nov 2013  |  By Betty Tessien, RN

Op-Ed: Porn is a Problem

The November 2013 issue of Make It Better included a column by our Sex & the Suburbs Editor, Marjie Killeen, entitled "So Your Husband Watches Porn—Don't Freak Out."

Jun 2013  |  By Marjie Killeen

Sexy Resources, Classes and Retreats for Couples

Women and men of the North Shore long to have a better connection with their partners, but they don’t always know how to go about it.

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