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TOPIC: Theater

Goodman's "Venus" Is A Sexy Battle of Wits

If “Venus in Fur” sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of “Venus in Furs,” the song that plays as the lights come up at Goodman Theatre.

TOPIC: Theater

There are 525,600 Reasons to Love Paramount’s “Rent”

Chicagoland fans of both college basketball and musical theater know Wichita State is not the only team to enjoy an undefeated regular season.

TOPIC: Theater

Northlight's "Chapatti" Touches the Heartstrings

It's sentimental, but then so are the Irish.

TOPIC: Books

Books to Know for Spring Break

Whether you’re headed to a beach, the slopes or even just the family room couch, spring break may be the first time all year you have the chance to dive into a book and not come up for air until you are done.

TOPIC: Theater

Marriott’s "Schoolhouse" Still Rocks

Song, dance and history lessons are in store for audiences of Schoolhouse Rock Live!

TOPIC: Recommended Events

5 Things to Do: March 21 - 23

This weekend is all about making a difference.

TOPIC: Theater

Anzevino’s Obsession Fuels Theo’s “Passion”

Theater wonks prone to grousing over venues, contracts, subscriber bases or other foibles needn’t bother including Fred Anzevino in their gripefests.

TOPIC: Theater

“Rock of Ages” Tour is Loud and Deservedly Proud

Anyone using a cell phone today, which is pretty much everyone, knows texting in ALL CAPS indicates the texter is shouting.

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